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Surname Helper:


  1. The researcher can search multiple sites for a given surname and optionally its spelling variants (e.g. SOUNDEX)

  2. The site manager (e.g. a county coordinator) has control over which surnames are indexed for her site. When changes are made to the county site, the CC requests that the surname data be reloaded and the index will reflect the changes at the site The surname data is automatically reloaded weekly.

  3. Registration for QueryExpress, available to USGenWeb and WorldGenWeb coordinators.

  4. Easy integration with CCHelper.

  5. Auto indexing of GenConnect sites.

  6. Surname search pages at various levels, including:
    1. All sites,
    2. USGenWeb,
    3. Some WorldGenWeb regions, e.g.
    4. State, e.g.
    5. County/Site, e.g.
      This site level page can be linked to by the site and used as a surname search page for the site.

  7. A surname index list for your site, e.g.

How Surname Helper Works

How To Add Your Site

Some Surname Helper sample links:

Note that the USGenWeb and WorldGenWeb search pages all have links to the "Search all" page.

Search Greene Co., Ohio USGenWeb

Search Ohio USGenWeb

Search USGenWeb

Search WorldGenWeb Europe

Search All Surname Helper Sites

How To Make Changes To your Site Registration

Which Other Sites are in Surname Helper

Surname Helper support/discussion list

This list is where you should turn to when you need help. There are friendly, helpful Surname Helper users ready to help you get thru that trouble spot. If you're so lost you can't even identify the trouble spot, then post a message asking for a mentor and we'll find someone who'll guide you thru the process.

Surname Helper is a surname engine for queries and surname registrations posted on various genealogy sites. Participating sites include many USGenWeb and WorldGenWeb sites. All GenConnect boards are indexed in Surname Helper. Surname Helper is also used by the USGenWeb QueryExpress system for registering counties.

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Patty Lindsay

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