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Patty Lindsay

There are three methods available for indexing a site that does not use CCHelper (see for sites using CCHelper). These methods can all be used in conjunction on the same site. An overview of each method is given here, for detail on each method see the associated page.

The three methods are:

  1. The name anchor method.

    This method depends on the format of the query* for the indexing. The formatting is not very intrusive and should have little impact on the appearance of the query. The key formatting requirement is that the surnames for each query be enclosed in a name anchor (e.g. <a name="sh_Q_1345">Smith, Brown</a>). Queries generated by QueryExpress, available to USGenWeb and WorldGenWeb coordinators, and by the TNGenWeb autobot can be indexed with this method with no changes to the queries. Queries* in the GenConnect System are automatically indexed using this method.

    Additionally with a utility that is provided, you can index any surnames in upper case on existing query* pages. This utility gives you the ability to index queries posted before the use of QueryExpress, GenConnect or the TNGenWeb system. The utility works best with pages that are static, it is not designed to be used on pages where new queries are being posted.

  2. The Surname Page Index method.

    This method depends on the existance of a Surname Index Page such as this. If you have a page similar to this on your site, you may be able to index your site with Surname Helper quickly and easily.

  3. The manual method.

    With this method, a text file is created which emulates the CCHelper index file. The text file can be as simple as a list of surnames. At one time, this method was the best method for manually indexing pages, hence the name "manual" method. Enhancements to the name anchor method now make that method the best choice for manual indexing.

    The best use for this method at this time is interfacing with sites that have a cgi that produces the text file that this method expects, which really makes the name of this method a real misnomer.

*All methods will work for other types of postings, "query" is used here for simplicity in the documentation.

To use multiple methods together (e.g. use the add name anchor utilities for older queries and Query Express for new queries) follow the directions for each method on the associated pages. When the directions tell you to "Register Your Site", first register the site with the first method you work with and then when adding the second method choose "Work with an existing site" and then add an "index module" of the second method.

Surname Helper is a surname engine for queries and surname registrations posted on various genealogy sites. Participating sites include many USGenWeb and WorldGenWeb sites. All GenConnect boards are indexed in Surname Helper. Surname Helper is also used by the USGenWeb QueryExpress system for registering counties.

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Patty Lindsay

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